Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright
by: J. H. Allen

Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright is as thrilling as western fiction as it recounts the description of the Scarlet Thread, the Royal Remnant, and Jeremiah's part in the preservation of the rulers for King David's throne."

This book by Rev. J. H. Allen, written in 1902, is the book that most give much deserved credit for sparking the phenomenal renewed interest in the controversial and grossly misunderstood subject, known to many as, "Christian Identity".

In his Preface, Rev. Allen relates how his previous erroneous opinion, that most of the prophecies of the Old Testament were already fulfilled, prevented him from grasping the basic message at the very heart of New Testament Christianity.

He gives a wonderful description of how he finally came to his understanding of this marvelous truth: "as we grew in grace, and became less presumptive, the Holy Ghost lifted the veil from our mind". He then explains his principal purpose for writing Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright: "We have been moved by the Holy Spirit to thus write concerning the earthly history of God's chosen race, because so little of it is known by the masses of our people, and yet it is the foundation upon which the entire structure of Christianity must rest." Rev. Allen was excited about the result of his study and ministry in this area: ". . . for in the past seven years . . . the Lord has used us to bring more skeptics to the light of His truth, than in all of our previous ministry of twenty-one years."

Judah's Sceptre And Joseph's Birthright is comprised of three parts:

Said to be more thrilling than Western fiction, the description of the "scarlet thread", the royal remnant, and the part played by Jeremiah in the preservation of the rulers for King David's throne, could cause you to lose sleep rather than go to bed without knowing the outcome.