Steven J. Kieler
2193 Sheker Drive
Fort Dodge, IA 50501-8707
Phone: 515-576-5743 E-mail:

I was baptized in 1971 and affiliated with the Worldwide Church of God until 1979.  I was in the Ambassador Spokesman’s Club for about six years. Those first years were a growing and learning experience. After that time, I fellowshipped with the Church of God International, Church of God Seventh day, and today attend with a small non-affiliated group in Omaha, NE. 

I observed the Feasts with a small group for three years. Since retiring from John Deere & Co., I have become more active in helping Church of God people.  Currently we are active in the following areas:

§         I am a Board Member of Giving & Sharing, Inc.

§         Administrator of “Help Line” and “Assistance Line”

§         Committee member of “Churches of God Outreach Ministries” and contact toll free phone line

§         Editor of the Church of God News, a bi-monthly publication of good news of the Churches of God

§         Coordinator of the Feast of Tabernacles at Lake Texoma, OK. since 1998

I was ordained at the Feast of Tabernacles, Lake Texoma in 1999, and try to be of service to God’s people in any way I can.