College Notes
The Acts
Chapter 3

Miracle and Consequences (3:1-4:31)
Healing (3:1-11)

vs. 1
The Miracle

Ninth hour = 3 p.m.

Devout Jews prayed three special times a day: 9 a.m.; 12 noon; 3 p.m.

Believed by rabbis that Abraham instituted morning prayer; Isaac at noon; Jacob that of evening prayer.

vs. 2
Customary for beggars to sit at entrance to a temple or shrine (most likely place to receive money).

vs. 6
"In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth" -- sizable group of people were present!

vs. 11
"Held Peter and John" = strong affection towards them.

"Porch that is called Solomon's" = a colonnade running the length of the east side of the outer court of the temple.

The Message

Peter's Answer (3:12-26)

vs. 12
Note: They give all the credit to God.

vs. 16
"His name through (the) faith in his name . . ."

vs. 19 (-21)
* Pivotal scriptures.

vs. 19
"Repent and be converted" (2:38)

"Time of refreshing" means when we are made new and immortal. Every last vestige of sin from our past life will be illuminated and we will then have holy righteous character, the will and the power to never sin again.

vs. 20 (-26)
Duality -- Seed of Abraham

 Spiritual -- David to Christ

Physical -- Seed as a nation

vs. 21
Godís government will now control the entire universe. The earth will no longer produce thorns and thistles. The animalís nature will change to live in peace and harmony. No longer horrible earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptionÖect. Godís law will be restored to mankind.

Restitution of God's government = Message. 

Today -- only restitution of knowledge.

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