College Notes
The Acts
Chapter 10

Conversion of Cornelius (10:1-48) 

vs. 4
God remembered what Cornelius did - took note of it!

Peter's Prayer, Vision (10:9-16)

Note:  Protestants use to justify eating pork.

vs. 14
Interesting - "not so Lord . . ."

"common", koinon (Greek) means unclean by ceremony.

"unclean", akatharon (Greek) means impure, I Cor.7:l4 "else were your children unclean"

Point:  It has nothing to do with unclean meats.  Used for unclean spirits.

vs. 15
"common" -- koinon

"Thrice" -- number three is God making His will known.

Peter Meets Cornelius (10:17-27)

vs. 17
Peter doubted -- didn't know the purpose of the vision.

vs. 19
Used to prove trinity.  John l6:l3 -- Spirit will not speak of itself.

vs. 22
Cornelius -- just man; feared God.

vs. 23
Took 6 brethren with him (7 customary as witnesses). 

Conclusion:  Door to Gentiles is opened through Peter.

vs. 25
"good ole pope Peter the first", wouldn't let any man bow down and worship him.

Lesson of Vision (10:28-29)

vs. 28
"man common or unclean?"  Means should no longer avoid Gentiles. Isaiah. 66:15-17.

Note:  Peter was with Christ and still didn't eat unclean meat.

Conversation (10:30-43)

vs. 34
"God is no respecter of persons" -- also Ephesians 6:9

vs. 37
Also Mark 1:14-15

Conversion of Gentiles (10:44-48)

vs. 44
While Peter spoke!  The Holy Spirit was given in the same manner as was given in 3l A.D.

vs. 45
Note:  One of the few cases of Holy Spirit being given before baptism.

vs. 46
"tongues" -- glossa (Greek) means language.  Baptism in water is commanded!

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