College Notes
The Acts
Chapter 13

Paul and Barnabas Sent

Point:  The Church cannot bestow "apostleship" but can recognize it.

vs. 1
Note:  Niger doesn't necessarily imply a black man.  Probably a proselyte from Nigeria.  A Jew from dispersion.

vs. 2
I Tim. 3:1-7 -- responsibility of overseer (ministers).


  1. Could have been a voice.
  2. Or could have inspired the collective church membership to draw the same conclusion.

Note: Paul was not an apostle until this moment.

Note:  Original 12 now +3 (Barnabas, Saul, James)

Sailed to Cyprus (13:4-12)

vs. 5
John Mark with them.  He may have been writing the book of Mark.  Was a ministerial assistant.

Point:  They preached the Word of God.  Not Socrates, etc.

vs. 6 (-13)
Opposition from Satan . . . Bar-Jesus also called Elymas (vs. 8)

vs. 9
First use of "Paul" which means "little" vs. Saul which meant "destroyer."

Note:  Was filled with Holy Spirit

vs. 11
Bar-Jesus struck blind because he sought to hinder.

Point:  Donít fool around with God.

Antioch of Pisidia (13:13-52)
Journey (13:13-16)

vs. 14 (- 43)
Paul's sermon

vs. 14
Gal. 4:13-14 -- Paul was sick when he was in Galatia.  Possibly malaria (Barclay, p. l02).

Antioch -- a different Antioch.

"Sabbath" could be a reference to Day of Pentecost.

Sermon (13:17-43)
Envy, Persecution (13:44-52)

vs. 22
David -- "a man after God's own heart, will fulfill all my will."

vs. 41
Hab. 1:5 -- Is where we get phrase, "the work."

vs. 42
"Sabbath" means 7 days (see vs. 44)

vs. 44
Jews wanted to keep Christianity a sect of Jerusalem.

Note:  Obvious they were meeting during intervening week.

vs. 46
" the Jew first" Rom. 1:16.

Point:  They saw that they would have to go to the Gentiles because the Jews resisted having been blinded by God.

vs. 48
"ordained" -- in the sense of eternal life.

vs. 51
Iconium -- about 90 miles away.

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