College Notes
The Acts
Chapter 14

Iconium (14:1-7)

vs. 2
Once again Jews are persecuting the Church not Roman government.

vs. 3
Interesting to note that it took signs and wonders to gain the interest of the people.

vs. 7
Continued to preach the gospel.

Lystra (14:8-18)

vs. 8
Healing of a cripple in Lystra.

vs. 9
Paul and Barnabas spoke in Greek.

vs. 12
Chief spokesman.

Note:  Mercury and Jupiter (father of gods)

vs. 19
Jews from Antioch stone Paul!

Miracle -- what courage! -- He returned to Derbe.

Derbe (14:19-23)

vs. 22
Important to remember -- Also Mat. 7:3. Much tribulation.

vs. 23
Local elders ordained -- I Tim. 3 and Titus 1.

Antioch (14:24-28)

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