College Notes
The Acts
Chapter 19

Ephesus (19:1-41)
Rebaptism (19:1-7)

vs. 1
Coasts means borders of country.

vs. 2
Shows they weren't preaching the trinity.

vs. 3
Example of rebaptism:  These men, like Apollos, had not heard of the Holy Spirit, thus, they were again baptized, into the name of Christ.

vs. 6
Spoke in tongues.

First time some of the disciples of John the Baptist had been rebaptized.

Hall of Tyrannus (19:8-10)

vs. 8
Three months.

vs. 9
The lesson: Do not cast your pearls before swine (Matt 7:6).

We should use any means at our disposal to preach the gospel according to the time frame in which we live and our circumstances.  However, we can not go into the Jewish synagogues because the Jews have been turned against Christ from childhood.  We also would not go into the prophesying Christian churches today because they are the synagogue of Satan.

vs. 10
Two years -- 55 A.D.

I Corinthians is written in 55 A.D.

Ephesus was a church city.  Center of pagan worship.  Diana was their goddess.

Anointed Cloths (19:11-12)

vs. 12
First use of anointed cloths for members that are too far away.

Overcoming Mystic Arts, Spirit (19:13-20)

vs. 16
Don't fool around with demons in the sense of exorcizing.  However, you have authority (as shown in the Bible) when the problem related to you, personally, to call the demons

Ephesus:  Center of Diana worship.  Little models and trinkets were sold of Diana in the city.

vs. 19
50,000 pieces of silver?

Paul Aims for Rome (19:21-22)
Diana of the Ephesians (19:23-41)
Losing Business (19:23-27)
Mob Scene (19:28-34)

vs. 28
These, “sayings,” are the words of Demetrius quoting Paul;

Note: Paul’s teachings came from the Old Testament and are the basis of the 2nd commandment. There was no New Testament at this time.

vs. 30
Another example of Paul's boldness.

Town Clerk's Address (19:35-40)

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