College Notes
The Acts
Chapter 20

Various Cities (20:1-21:14)
Macedonia (20:1-4)

Preceding his visit to Greece Paul writes II Corinthians in winter 55-56 then he writes Romans (while in Greece).   

Troas (20:5-12)

vs. 6
Obviously keeping Feast of Unleavened Bread because they were in Gentile cities and there certainly wasn't any pressure.

vs. 7
Saturday night = 1st day of the week not Sunday night.

Paul probably spoke that Sabbath day; had a potluck, then Paul spoke again until midnight.

vs. 9
Eutychus is raised from the dead.

Assos (20:13-16)
Miletas (20:17-18)

Ministerial Conference

vs. 17
Elders of church are called together (late spring/early summer -- 56 A.D.)

Paul's Farewell (20:19-35)

vs. 20
Paul had ordained elders in every city and he had called these elders of Ephesus to a meeting verse 17. He was visiting the elders in their houses not just common people.   Not reason to go door to door like Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons.

vs. 25
Preaching the Kingdom of God.

vs. 26
Taken from principle in Ezekiel 33 (to preach a warning) Paulís responsibility to carry out his commission.

vs. 28
The Church of God.

vs. 29
Ask God to protect you from this.

vs. 35
"it is more blessed to give than receive" -- not found in the gospels nevertheless, Christ did say it.  It was passed on.

Departure (20:36-38)

vs. 36
Prayed as a group.  Why?  Because of the emotion of the moment.  Once in a while, not all the time.

vs. 38
It went over their heads.  They sorrowed for the fact that he was leaving only.

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