College Notes
The Acts
Chapter 23-24

vs. 2
The high priest slaps Paul.

vs. 3
"whited wall" means plastic, hypocritical personality.

vs. 5
Paul apologizes -- He realized he was high priest.

vs. 9
Similar to Gamaliel's ruling.

vs. 11
Still to preach in Rome.

vs. 12
Vowed as a group to kill Paul.

The Reality of human nature…crazy world.

vs. 16
Paul's sister's son.

vs. 23
270 troops to guard this man.

Paul Uses Citizenship (23:25-29)
The Captain's Letter (23:25-31)

Paul With Ananias (23:30-24:5)
The Defense Before Felix (24:1-27)

A Flattering Speech and a False Charge (24:1-9)

vs. 1
Had all been premeditated.

Tertullus was a world renown prosecutor.

vs. 5
"sect of Nazarene" name given to the church from this time forward.

Paul's Defense (24:10-21)

vs. 14
Paul -- proves that Paul didn't do away with the law and the prophets.  

Use against Catholics and Protestants.

Greek has intensity.

Version "Williams" -- Keep on worshipping = "believing" (KJV)

Impact reveals to us Paul continued to believe in O.T.

Roman law -- two year imprisonment is statute of limitations.

Plain Speaking to a Guilty Governor (24:22-27)

vs. 22
Felix had looked into the subject.

vs. 26
But was still looking for money.

vs. 27
Continued for two years.

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