College Notes
The Acts
Chapter 25-26

Paul Before Festus and Agrippa (25:1-26:32)
Appeal to Caesar (25:1-12)

vs. 2
Office was new to Festus and he is suddenly confronted with Paul's case.

vs. 8
Right of self-defense is again exercised by Paul.

vs. 10
Learn to use your rights appropriately.

vs. 11
Once an appeal to Caesar is made it must be honored.

Festus and Agrippa (25:13-21)

vs. 13
Agrippa -- king of Syria and Judea.   

Festus Seeks Material for His Report (25:22-27)

vs. 23
Paul before Agrippa.

vs. 25
"Done nothing worthy of death" -- changes the jurisdiction of the court.

vs. 26
Had better organized their prosecution before sending Paul all the way to Rome.

Defense of a Changed Man (26:1-11)

vs. 2 (-27)
Paul was careful in his wording to Agrippa.

vs. 8
Paul had done his homework -- he knew Agrippa believed for and against.

vs. 10
"I gave my voice against them" = leans toward possibility of Paul being member of Sanhedrin.

vs. 11
"Compelled to blaspheme" means Paul may have tortured Christians during his heavy Judaising.

Surrender for Service (26:12-18)

vs. 14
"pricks" -- goads or wounds.

A Task Accepted (26:19-23)

vs. 19
Means: If God had appeared to you, you would have accepted it and would be on trial, instead of me.

vs. 20
Live your life according to your repentance.

vs. 22
Paul released that in every case that God was working with him.

A King Impressed (26:24-32)

vs. 26
This wasn't done in a corner.  There are thousands of us.

vs. 32
Had he not appealed to Caesar, would probably have let him go.  However, he knew he had to get to Rome.

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