William Farnsworth

February 8, 1807 - December 17, 1888

Parents: Daniel (1782 - 1864) and Patty (1785 - 1875)
Brothers: Simeon, Daniel, Joel, Cyrus, John


William Farnsworth (1807-1888), was reputed to be "the first SDA," that is, the first of the Adventists who kept the seventh-day Sabbath. He accepted the Adventist (Millerite) doctrine about 1840 and in 1844 declared himself a Sabbath-keeper, among the first of a small group from among the members of the Washington, New Hampshire, Christian church who became the first Adventists to observe the seventh day as the Sabbath (see Washington, New Hampshire Church).

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia, Volume 10, page 454, 1976. Review and Herald Publishing Association.