The author would first of all acknowledge his obligation to Mr. Charles H. Greene for the valuable materials, in the way of books, papers, letters, etc., which he has gathered with much diligence and labor. Mr. Greene has for years been enthusiastic collector of matter bearing upon English Seventh-day Baptist history, purchasing at considerable expense to himself rare books, and carrying on an extensive correspondence with Sabbatarian churches and individuals in the British Isles. Hearty thanks are due him from the denomination for this service.

The writer has examined the files of The Sabbath Recorder in Alfred University, read most of the authorities cited, and verified the quotations given. The interested reader is invited to consult, for his own assurance, the works referred to; and to report any errors that he may discover.

The author's task has been a tedious and difficult one, unsatisfactory in many instances because of the meager results obtained; but, on the whole, one full of fascination and inspiration. If the reader shall find in these pages as much to awaken his interest, to warm his heart and to make him rejoice in the privilege of sharing in such a heritage - as the writer has derived from his labors and researches, this publication will not be in vain.

Seventh-day Baptists have no reason to be ashamed of their ancestry. Sabbath advocates and defenders have been among the ablest and best of the communities and countries which they have lived and labored. We can only regret that we know so little of them; yet cannot but rejoice that what we do know is all worthy of being remembered and handed down to posterity.

J. L. GAMBLE Alfred, N. Y., Jan 7, 1904.