Seventh Day Baptists in Europe and America

Part of the 1910 publication "Seventh Day Baptists in Europe and America" volume 1 is offered here:

Part One
The Sabbath From The Time Of Christ To Its Appearance In England - A.H. Lewis
The Sabbath In The British Isles - J. Lee Gamble And Charles H. Greene.

Part Two
The Sabbath In England
(A.) Brief History Of Known Churches.

Part Three
The Sabbath In England
(B) Prominent English Seventh-Day Baptists: Preachers, Authors, Etc.

Part Four
Seventh Day Baptists In America, Previous To 1802.- L. A. Platts

The rest of the original publication of Volume 1 records the history of the denomination from 1802. This portion is not yet available in HTML.

David Hill, 1996